Your Baby is the size of a


Have you picked a name yet? Picking a name can be quite a challenge! If you need more inspiration, revisit your favorite movies and books, or do a little family history. This week, your baby may be forming habits, such as sucking their thumb, dancing to music, or calming to the sound of your voice! They can also now open their eyes and see their own floating limbs, and see light through your belly.

Week 26

Length : 35.5 cm

Weight : 771 g

Week 26
Length : 35.5 cm
Weight : 771 g

Your Baby is the size of a


Have you picked a name yet? Picking a name can be quite a challenge! If you need more inspiration, revisit your favorite movies and books, or do a little family history. This week, your baby may be forming habits, such as sucking their thumb, dancing to music, or calming to the sound of your voice! They can also now open their eyes and see their own floating limbs, and see light through your belly.

Your little one is working hard, developing their senses, intensifying their features, acquiring a less transparent skin tone, and growing hair. They breathe in and swallow amniotic fluid, preparing their lungs and digestive system for their quickly approaching life outside.

This week, your baby may be forming habits such as sucking their thumb, dancing to music, or calming to the sound of your voice (or your partner's voice). And if your little head-of-kale-sized baby does calm down to the sound of your voice, use this to your advantage and sing (or hum) a soft lullaby at night when an onset of fetal energy prolongs your exhaustion. By the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy, most babies-in-a-belly become more active at night, kicking and rolling all over their parents late evening hours like proper party animals. 

What's next? Soon, your little one will be ready to open and close their eyes. (Woot woot!)         

By week 26, your pregnancy hormones have loosened up your joints and ligaments quite nicely. Add to this your still-getting-bigger belly, and heave in a dash of your fluctuating center of gravity, and what do you get? Well, it probably means your back feels a bit achy, at the very least. And your uterus may be pressing on your rib cage now, too, which could block your lungs from expanding fully, so don't worry too much if you feel short of breath this week.

Of course, if you feel your back ache or your shortness of breath is concerning, call your midwife or doctor and check!

In the meantime, some things you can do at home to relieve back pain include taking a warm bath, sleeping with a pregnancy pillow to support your back and stomach better, minding your posture, and convincing your partner to massage. You can also schedule a massage at a local spa, but call ahead to make sure they've matched you specifically with a trained massage therapist, certified in prenatal massages because that's what you will need. Remember, if you experience any severe pain or numbness in your body, be sure to call your midwife or doctor.

Are you eating well? You should only need about 300 extra calories daily (680 if you have twins). Make them count! And if you're still exercising regularly, kudos to you, and keep it up because seasoned parents say that it makes childbirth easier! Now is a great time to check in with your midwife or doctor to find out what level of exercise, and for how long, is considered safe as you head into your third trimester.

That's right, you're almost in your third trimester of pregnancy!         

The ups and downs of pregnancy are exhausting, but once you hold that little baby and stare into those perfect, trusting eyes, it will all be entirely worth it. Below is a list of symptoms you might experience this week.

Swelling, or edema, in your ankles and/or feet: some swelling is normal and expected during pregnancy, especially if you are on your feet all day, but it’s best to keep an eye on any sudden changes. Talk to your healthcare provider if you are experiencing swelling, as this could be a warning sign of a dangerous complication called preeclampsia. 

Stretch marks and/or unwanted hair growth: as your baby continues to grow and your body grows to accommodate, your skin may experience stretching, leaving marks and causing discomfort. You may also notice hair growing in places it didn’t grow previously, or growing more aggressively than it did before. You can utilize lotions and creams to soothe irritated skin; but stretch marks are largely genetic and not something you should feel guilty for not “preventing”.  Unwanted hair growth can be shaved or plucked. Waxing may not be advisable during pregnancy and should be explored as an option with caution. 

Sweating: increased perspiration can be a result of hormonal changes, or the additional weight and pressure on your body as you carry your growing baby. Stay hydrated to replace any fluids lost. 

Thicker hair & stronger nails: this side effect of changing hormones and prenatal vitamins can be most welcome! Enjoy!

Braxton Hicks: also referred to as “practice contractions” Braxton Hicks are your body’s way of preparing for giving birth. They are generally painless, or uncomfortable at most– like subtle period cramps. If you are experiencing severe pain, or the cramping does not stop– seek medical attention.

Tingling, numbness, or pain in your hands and wrists: possible warning signs for carpal tunnel syndrome, keep an eye on any numbness or pain in your hands and wrists and be sure your doctor is aware so they can rule out any concerns.

Bleeding and/or swollen gums: increased blood volume can make ruptures in sensitive places like the nasal membranes and gum line more likely. Dental health is critical during pregnancy, so you should continue to brush and floss– but take care to do so gently!

Interrupted sleep: between getting up to use the bathroom, leg cramps, shortness of breath, and even heartburn– you may be struggling to get a decent amount of sleep during the night. 

Backaches and/or leg cramps: increased blood volume and stress from increasing weight can put pressure on your muscles, causing cramps. Dehydration or low calcium may also be to blame, so check your prenatal vitamin to be sure you are getting enough!

Crazy dreams: vivid dreams can be some of the more interesting pregnancy symptoms. While the cause is unknown it may have something to do with hormones, or the fact that nausea or frequent urination means you are not sleeping as deeply and can remember your dreams more easily. 

Fetal activity: your baby’s movements are becoming less responsive and more purposeful! As the part of their brain responsible for movement develops you may notice more patterns in when and how your baby moves. 

Fetal hiccups: the cause of hiccups is unknown, but your baby can experience them as their tiny diaphragm contracts just like yours! This may feel like a steady stream of bumps in your belly and can be a great opportunity for loved ones to feel the baby move!         

Have you picked a name yet? Picking a name can be quite a challenge, especially if you and your partner have different ideas about what makes the perfect name. If you need more inspiration, revisit your favorite movies and books, or do a little family history. Just remember to keep your little one’s initials in mind. Polly Olive Oleander is a great name, but her initials are poo.


At this point in your pregnancy, you'll know your baby's gender if you want to know. When born, if your little one comes with a penis, you'll be able to choose - or not choose - to circumcise in the first days after birth, before you leave the hospital. If your little man has any birth complications or health issues, his circumcision will likely be postponed. The procedure itself doesn't take long, but someone will need to care for and dress the wound as it heals (about two weeks).

The choice is divided these days, in the United States about 50% of infants are circumcised and 50% are not. Some parents-to-be have cultural or religious guidelines regarding circumcision, which will help or guide their decision. If you are not one to follow tradition, or if you have no tradition, a little bit of research can help you write out a list of the pros, versus the cons, of circumcision. 

If you don't have a male partner, ask a male friend for their opinion.

You might try asking your dad and/or brother how they feel about circumcision. You might be surprised and enlightened by what a penis-carrying individual has to say about circumcision. You should also keep in mind that many insurance companies see circumcision as a cosmetic procedure. This means you'll be responsible for the financial cost, out-of-pocket.


Another subject worth consideration before your baby arrives is... vaccinations. Routine vaccinations are given to prevent what were, once upon a time, common childhood illnesses and diseases, some of which caused death. However, there are also arguments against vaccines and implications of problems caused by the vaccines themselves. For parents who are concerned and unsure, do your research. Talk to parents on both sides of this topic. Ask your midwife or doctor every question of which you can think. You can even request an alternative vaccination schedule, if it's offered by your pediatrician, selecting to delay specific vaccines or opt out of certain ones altogether. It is important to talk to your pediatrician, and not just your midwife or OBGYN, about the options, risks, and benefits involved.

Learning about your options before your baby is born will help you feel prepared, when the time comes. Make sure you include your partner along the way. And don't forget to take a side profile pregnancy picture this week!

At a Glance

  • Did you hear that?: Your baby may respond to the sound of your voice, loud noises, and even music.
  • Braxton Hicks: Your body may start having “practice” contractions. They are usually painless or uncomfortable at the most, unlike the real deal.
  • Glucose test: If you haven’t already, you may be taking your glucose test soon to screen for gestational diabetes.
  • Baby proofing: Have you started baby proofing yet? It will be awhile before your baby is mobile but preparing now can save stress later.
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