10 Ways to Ease Aches and Pains During Pregnancy

pregnant mom sat on couch holding large bump

The aches and pains of pregnancy can be highly debilitating and strongly impact mental health. Although there are some sensations and experiences we cannot avoid, there are things that we can do to help with some of the aches and pains as we move throughout our pregnancy.

10 Ways to Ease Aches and Pains During Pregnancy

  1. Movement. There are copious amounts of research showing that moving the body during pregnancy, even in small ways, can positively impact the everyday aches and pains that come with each phase of pregnancy. Thirty minutes of movement a day during pregnancy have been shown to help with digestion, backaches, bloating, and swelling. It has also been shown to help with moods and better sleep. Listening to your body and moving healthily is crucial to helpful rather than hurtful movement. Remember that a lot of Relaxin hormone is going through your body, making it easier to tear muscles and overstrain. Pregnancy is not the time to start a new and intense workout routine. Chasing around little ones, going on daily walks, and doing yoga are good ways to get that movement in without overdoing it.
  2. Food Mindfulness. Eating different foods can help with different aches and pains that someone might experience during pregnancy. If food is difficult, supplementation can be a great option. A few common examples are how vegetables have a carbohydrate that helps with digestion or how water and electrolytes help with digestion, Braxton hicks, and swelling. Upping protein can help with anemia and energy levels and even help with morning sickness. The more that individuals treat their food like medicine for pregnancy ailments, the better they can feel throughout the process.
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  3. Bodywork. Massages, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and foot zoning can all be helpful for physical discomforts and can even be beneficial for releasing emotional things. Although bodywork can be an additional cost, it is often a cost that pregnant individuals find extremely helpful throughout their pregnancy. Some bodywork can help turn babies from breech to cephalic (head down), a great way to accomplish a vaginal birth. If you have the extra cash or are desperate for relief, choosing bodywork can be an excellent solution for some of the more common aches and pains experienced in pregnancy.
  4. Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows. Whether or not you have the cash for a pregnancy pillow, having a plethora of pillows on hand is critical for better sleep during pregnancy. If you do not have a pregnancy pillow, stacking pillows between your legs, sticking a pillow under your belly, and having pillows at your back can make pregnancy sleep go from impossible to accessible. When we can sleep more comfortably and in a supported way, it can help with mental, emotional, and physical wellness.
  5. Heat. Utilizing heat during pregnancy can provide a lot of comfort. Heat can come from a hot bath, pad, and water bottles. Sometimes a little bit of excess heat can help to relieve achy muscles, help with back pain or cramping, and help the muscles release after holding up a baby all day. Heat during childbirth can also be impactful and help birthing individuals through the throws of labor pain.
  6. Dental help. Many pregnant individuals state that they have a lot of tooth and gum pain during pregnancy. This can be caused by gingivitis or simply swelling and higher sensitivity in pregnancy. If you are having dental pain, seeing a dentist is a great first plan, other ideas might be to get a toothbrush with softer bristles and rinse your mouth with salt water.
  7. Relaxation and Stress Management. Regular and pregnancy life stressors can lead to headaches and tension throughout the body. Sitting in mindfulness and encouraging daily relaxation can help with these discomforts. Sometimes a partner's massage of the neck and head can help with tension headaches, but the best way to prevent them is by finding ways to regulate your stress levels. Eat Many Small Meals. Some of the most common pregnancy ailments are nausea, vomiting, and heartburn. These can be unavoidable at times, but there are times when eating smaller meals more often can help lessen the intensity of these symptoms. If smaller meals more often are not helping, some medications can be beneficial for reducing the symptoms and giving a better quality of life.
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  8. Support. Wearing supportive clothing and belly support bands can be a game changer as one goes through pregnancy, especially in the last weeks. Whether you are experiencing pinched nerves, lightning crotch, or round ligament pains, having more support can be helpful. If you are short on cash and are not finding belly bands pre-used, you can tie up your belly using a scarf, rebozo, or newborn carrier like the Moby, Solly Baby, or a Ringling.
  9. Avoid Suffering. If you have tried every natural supplement and tip or trick you can find and are still suffering from an ailment, talk to your care provider. There are many safe medications, whether over the counter or simply at the pharmacy, that can provide immense amounts of relief. Pregnancy is difficult as is. There is no need to suffer if safe and well-tested medications can help. Make sure you have a care provider you trust, and ask what your options are. You may have more than you think.


Everyone’s experience of pregnancy is unique, and therefore it is essential to note that these are only ten ideas mentioned for how to help with pregnancy ailments, and they may not cover what you are experiencing. Asking your care provider what your options are is a great way to ensure that you get the help you need to improve your quality of life during this phase.

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