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Hypnosis is a state of deep and focused concentration and relaxation. Even with the mind and body so relaxed, the brain is very aware and focused. While the majority of human beings spend most of their lives with gamma brainwaves, hypnosis drops your frequency to theta brainwaves, similar to what occurs in deep meditation.

The more commonly known hypnosis acts are done on stages where the hypnotist controls the person and has them do anything they want. Although fun to watch, the birthing parent is entirely in control, when utilizing hypnosis for childbirth. A popular phrase used by Hypnobabies is "All hypnosis is self-hypnosis." The different hypnosis courses educate on the idea that we all go through hypnotic states, several times a day. These hypnotic states can occur while driving, watching television, waking up or going to sleep, and daydreaming or zoning out. According to these teachings, hypnosis is not a big, new thing that we are learning to do, but something we already know how to do and simply need to hone our skills on. Clinically, hypnosis has been used to heal trauma, lower blood pressure, slow pulse and respiration rates, and lessen or eliminate pain.

How Can We Use Hypnosis During Childbirth?

By getting into a deep hypnotic state in the beginning phases of labor, the birthing parent can work with their body and mind to relax, calm, and normalize vital signs, as well as lessen birth pains. Most of the hypnosis programs available are done over a five- to six-week time frame, and then parents are encouraged to practice beyond the course, leading up to their birth. There are handfuls of studies done on the impacts of hypnosis during childbirth, and for the most part, they all point back to the idea that hypnosis can make for an easier and more enjoyable birthing experience.

Where Can I Take A Course?

There are a few types of hypnosis training, directed toward childbirth. The popular options are Hypnobabies, Hypnobirthing, the Mongan Method, and The Curtis Method. Although they have their differences, they each teach very similar ideas on how to obtain a state of hypnosis going into childbirth and throughout the entire process of birthing a baby.

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Another great thing about the hypnosis courses is partner involvement. These methods work hard to make partners feel included, educated, and helpful during pregnancy and the birthing time. If you don't have a partner, it is okay. Hypnosis in childbirth is still a great option and can be successfully achieved by a single parent.

Is Hypnosis Valuable If I Am Not Having An Unmedicated Birth?

Although hypnosis in childbirth is commonly used for parents birthing without medications, it is not intended only for unmedicated deliveries. Many parents and birthing individuals express gratitude for childbirth hypnosis during their medicated and surgical births. Hypnosis works wonderfully to calm someone down as they prepare for surgery, or help someone work through a patchy epidural. Hypnosis is for anyone who wants to utilize it as a tool.

How Do I Know If I Can Be Hypnotized?

Many parents come to the instructors for hypnobirthing, asking if hypnosis in childbirth is a good fit, because they aren't sure if they can be hypnotized. The answer is that anyone who chooses to can become hypnotized. It is always the person's choice whether they will be hypnotized. If you wish to use hypnosis for your birth, you can get into a hypnotic state by taking a course and practicing.

Will I Remember My Birth?

Yes! Like any birth, birthing times can feel a bit dreamlike. But most people who have used hypnosis for their birth report memories of different moments during their birthing time and felt highly present. This will differ from person to person. For example, someone with a history of trauma might dissociate throughout their entire labor, whether using hypnosis or not. Like anything else with hypnosis in childbirth, you get to choose, and if you want to remember the details of your birth, you will.

Do I Have To Take Another Childbirth Education Course, As Well As A Hypnosis Course?

Nope! These hypnosis courses for childbirth will not only teach you how to achieve a state of hypnosis during childbirth, but also give you the information you need to know to make empowered decisions during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. For parents who already have children, these courses provide great reminders on what to expect during birth and what options birthing parents will have. For parents doing this for the first time, the information in these courses will make for excellent groundwork on what you need to know going into your birthing time. For those with a planned surgical or medicated birth, these courses focus on unmedicated options. Take what you need and leave what is not meant for you behind.

Hypnosis courses might be the perfect fit if you like the idea of deep meditation, partner involvement, or going inward during childbirth. On the other hand, if you are low on your time, day-to-day, a hypnosis course might add to your overwhelm. Only you know what tool will be most helpful in your pregnancy and childbirth journey; and like any birthing tool, hypnosis is not the perfect fit for every birthing person, family, or birth. There are many ways to prepare for childbirth, and hypnosis courses are just one of those many ways. Good luck!

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