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The process of transitioning your baby from breastmilk or formula to solid or pureed food is called weaning. Knowing when to wean your baby, how to ease the transition from milk to solids, and which foods to introduce first can be confusing. Whether you’re looking to go a more traditional route with pureed baby foods or searching for baby-led weaning tools and techniques you may have questions. However, whether it comes to allergies, picky eating, or nutrient-rich recipes, we have gathered both expert and real-life parent advice for how to approach the joys and challenges of feeding your growing baby!

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Your Guide to Weaning & Beginning Solids...

Weaning refers to the process of transitioning your baby onto solid foods in addition to their typical choice of milk. Knowing when to wean your baby and what foods to incorporate can be confusing. Check out our complete guide to weaning, and remember to have patience when it comes time to exclusively switch from milk to solid foods.

Baby-led weaning is an approach that allows your baby to decide to eat solid foods on their own. As opposed to spoon-feeding your baby new types of foods, you may offer a variety of finger foods to them, allowing them to feed themselves when they are ready. Parents who choose this path of weaning their baby to solid foods will often skip the pureed food and go straight to solid finger foods that their baby can grab independently.

Deciding how to wean your baby is a big decision. If you are interested in learning the benefits of baby-led weaning, we are here to help you learn if it is a good choice for your baby! Some benefits of baby-led weaning include:

  • Promoting independence:</> when you give your six-month-old baby a choice to independently decide what, how, and how much to eat, they are actively exploring foods on their own terms and gaining independence.
  • Exposing them to different textures: Feeding your baby a variety of baby-led weaning foods will expose them to different textures and get them used to how different foods feel!
  • Avoid picky eaters: Many parents believe that allowing their baby to choose their own foods will lead to them having a wider food taste as they age. No parent wants their baby to become a picky eater, but exposing them to a variety of foods and textures could help avoid this issue.

The transition from exclusively breastfeeding or bottle feeding to solid foods is a huge milestone. Every baby is unique and in the same way that they develop at different rates, they may be ready to wean at different rates too!
Most experts believe that parents should wait until their little one is around six months old, but if you believe your baby is ready to begin the process sooner, check with your baby’s doctor and check out our guide on when to start weaning your baby!