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About Your Baby Club

YourBabyClub.com scours the internet on a daily basis looking for the best selection of freebies, promotions, offers and competitions for mother and baby - so you don't have to!

Our mission is to create a place for Moms to find the best new freebies, samples, competitions, vouchers, parenting magazines, catalogues, apps, and websites and much more. We know you have your hands full! Let us help you get all of information you need to make parenting as easy as possible.

Simply sign-up with your name and email address. Then look through the offers (all of which are 100% genuine) and click on the ones that catch your interest. Some offers will need details such as an address and phone number, but you'll only have to enter these details one time.

As our community of moms gets bigger and stronger, we end up with more bargaining power in our communications with the best brands in the market. This helps us offer you access to even better deals and freebies!

Many of our offers are exclusive to YourBabyClub, while others will be availalble elsewhere as well. What makes us unique is that you can choose exactly which offers you want rather than signing up for everything. Your email inbox is busy enough as it is!

Obviously, there is no such thing as a 'free lunch', and in return most of the brands you choose will want to contact you in the future.

While some brands that we work with may want to contact you in the future, we 100% guarantee that your details will only go to the brands that you choose. Unlike most other membership sites in the parenting market, we will never sell your contact information to unnamed third parties. We respect your privacy and appreciate your trust.

However you will hear from us from time to time when we have new offers on the site, but you are welcome to unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

All new moms are experiencing a period of tremendous life change. Our goal is to support them in this transitional time by creating a fair exchange between moms and the brands they like and use the most, as well as new brands you'd like to try.

We welcome your feedback at any time, and would love to hear your ideas about how to improve the YourBabyClub community and services. If you have the inside scoop on any new freebies, competitions, or not-to-be-missed offers, please let us know so we can include them in our listings.

We hope our community continues to grow and thrive, bringing new moms together for support and satisfaction during this special time.

Happy Claiming xxx