Your Baby is the size of a


The first movements you may notice will feel like butterfly wings, bubbles, or gas. This phenomenon is known as “The Quickening.” Have you felt it yet? If not, don’t worry. Most mothers will fully recognize fetal movement by Week 22. Your baby is now listening to your voice and growing eyebrows, lashes, and hair. Studies show talking to your baby early on can help deepen their connection with both mom and dad, so it’s time to warm up those pipes and start giving your baby some concerts!

Week 16

Length : 11.6 cm

Weight : 100 g

Week 16
Length : 11.6 cm
Weight : 100 g

Your Baby is the size of a


The first movements you may notice will feel like butterfly wings, bubbles, or gas. This phenomenon is known as “The Quickening.” Have you felt it yet? If not, don’t worry. Most mothers will fully recognize fetal movement by Week 22. Your baby is now listening to your voice and growing eyebrows, lashes, and hair. Studies show talking to your baby early on can help deepen their connection with both mom and dad, so it’s time to warm up those pipes and start giving your baby some concerts!

Your little one is keeping busy growing larger and developing inside of you like a champion. An Allstar. A poetic mastermind. An average Jo(cyln). An eccentric genius...

Your baby, now about the size of a Hacky Sack, or slightly smaller if you're carrying twins, is listening to your voice due to the tiny bones forming in their ears. They're also growing eyebrows, lashes, and hair. Their heart is now pumping roughly 25 quarts of blood daily, and their fingernails continue to grow. (Don't be surprised if you need to cut them right after birth!)

Now that their limbs are more developed, your little one has achieved some coordination. Another new skill your baby gained this week? They are emptying their bladder every forty-five minutes. Yeah, we know. It's super cute.

What's next? Another growth spurt is just around the corner! In the coming weeks, your baby will double in weight and add inches to their frame.         

Can it be? Well, as a matter of fact, yes! It's time to prepare yourself for maybe the most amazing experience of your pregnancy!

By week 16, some parents will begin feeling a fluttering of butterfly wings, bubbles, or gas, in a phenomenon known as "The Quickening." These are the first movements you'll feel. If this is your second or third (or more) child, you might detect these little movements more easily than first-time parents because you are familiar with this feeling. You may also feel these movements earlier than others because your uterus is more stretched out than it was during your first pregnancy. Most first-time parents will fully recognize fetal movements around week 22. So, if you can't feel them yet, don't worry! In just a few short weeks, you, too, will be able to identify your baby moving and shifting around!

These early movements will likely be sporadic at best if you detect them. As your pregnancy progresses, the movements will become increasingly regular, and the little flutters in your stomach grow more kicky. Since your family and friends won't be able to feel anything until about week 24, go ahead and soak up these private, special movements because, right now, they're just for you!

Your skin is glowing, you have more energy, your hair feels thicker, and... are you feeling lustier than usual? How about bustier? There are many positive elements of pregnancy in the second trimester, as well as a few unsavory details. Here is a list of symptoms you may experience this week!

Larger, fuller breasts: as your breasts continue to respond to hormonal changes and prepare for lactation, you may notice an increase in size. Breast size has no bearing on milk production however, so don’t fear if you are hoping to breastfeed and don’t notice much significant change.

Glowing skin: that pregnancy “glow” isn’t just something nice people say! Increased blood flow can improve skin circulation and result in brighter, more vibrant skin. Not all pregnancy skin changes are this positive though, so if this is a symptom you’re experiencing, enjoy it!

Fetal flutterings:  what was that?! Soon you may begin to notice some small “fluttering” movements in your abdomen. At first you may dismiss them as gas, but as time goes on and you start to notice patterns it will become clear what movements are gas bubbles and which are your sweet baby stretching out and moving in the womb. These very first movements are referred to as “quickening” and they are an exciting milestone!

Increased libido: pregnancy can have a direct effect on libido in both directions. If you are experiencing a heightened sex drive, this may be in response to increased blood flow causing heightened sensitivity, paired with a boost of energy and positive mood. Communicate with your partner so they can be supportive and enjoy!

Increased vaginal discharge: increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy is called leucorrhoea. This symptom can serve as a protection for your growing baby as it prevents infection from traveling up the vagina and into the womb. You can wear a panty liner if it makes you more comfortable, but do not use tampons or insert anything into your vagina during pregnancy.  

Stuffy nose and/or nose bleeds: pregnancy rhinitis is a common symptom where the mucous membranes lining the nose become inflamed. Additionally, increased blood volume can lead to enlargement of veins (including those in the nose.) This can result in congestion, a runny nose, and even nosebleeds. Check with your healthcare provider before medicating any congestion, and be sure to familiarize yourself with best practices for nosebleeds.

Backaches and/or round ligament pain: the pressure and weight of your growing baby may begin to lead to back and ligament pain. Rest is the best solution for round ligament pain, but talk to your healthcare provider if you are experiencing continuous pain that is not stopping. 

Tender and/or bleeding gums: increased blood volume can make ruptures in sensitive places like the nasal membranes and gum line more likely. Dental health is critical during pregnancy, so you should continue to brush and floss– but take care to do so gently!

Acne: while some individuals are basking in clear skin and pregnancy glow, others may be experiencing Increased acne. Even though you may not have had a break-out since high school, acne is common during pregnancy for the same reason it’s often seen during puberty– hormones!

Dry, itchy, and/or sensitive eyes: you may be tired of hearing about hormonal changes at this point, but unfortunately they are largely to blame for most (if not all) pregnancy symptoms, including dry, itchy, and sensitive eyes. Dry-eye syndrome is common during pregnancy and may increase with subsequent pregnancies. Talk to your healthcare provider for relief if you are experiencing dry eyes.

Pregnancy brain: this annoying (and sometimes hilarious) symptom is common during pregnancies. It can look like leaving your phone in the fridge, accidentally signing your maiden name after years of marriage, or losing your train of thought mid-sentence. Thankfully “baby brain” is temporary. (Even if mom-brain is its own unique thing after that!)

Constipation, gas and/or bloating: hormonal changes that slow digestion can also trigger constipation, bloating, and/or gas. Paired with your ahem… unique pregnancy diet and this can result in additional digestive woes. Take care to stay hydrated, up your fiber intake, and talk to your doctor if you are still experiencing constipation.         

If list-making doesn't come to you naturally, now is the perfect time to download a note-taking app, or gift yourself with a little, travel-sized notepad and pencil! By week 16, the pregnancy brain has you on the forgetful side of things. Maybe you forgot it was so-and-so's birthday. Or you put a gallon of milk in the freezer. Perhaps you misplaced your sunglasses.

In your defense, the changes in your brain are merely to keep you focused on your little one. To combat this, get into the habit of writing things down. When you schedule it, think of it, promise it, set it, are asked of it, etc., put it on the list, check the list twice 
(and often), and rest easy knowing your affairs are on task. Maybe check your freezer, too. There's a good chance your sunglasses are there, staring at a gallon of frozen milk.

Will you need any help or regular childcare after your baby is born? If so, begin doing research! It's never too early to decide whether your child will be at home with a parent, home with a nanny or family member, at a caregiver's home as one of a small group, or at a smaller/larger daycare center. Talk to parents in varying situations and listen to their personal experiences.

Many options have waiting lists, meaning you may need to decide on these things sooner than you'd expected. As you make the best plan for your family, keep an open mind, and consider your second and third choices, just to play it safe.

Your pregnancy glow may sometimes be a bit oily skinned too, causing breakouts or acne. Be sure to wash your face and body every day with a gentle, cleansing soap, and avoid picking at pimples, bumps, and irritations. Extreme acne products should be cleared with your doctor before use, as some may cause issues during pregnancy.

Take a profile pregnancy picture and write in your pregnancy journal!         

At a Glance

  • Making faces: Your baby is beginning to make facial expressions such as squinting and frowning.
  • Brace for impact!: You may be feeling your very first baby kicks soon! The first flutters are known as “quickening” and can happen any time now.
  • Second trimester tests: If you are over 35, have had a previous baby with chromosomal differences, or are otherwise considered high-risk you may talk to your doctor about second trimester testing.
  • What’s in a name?: Now is a great time to start thinking about baby names if you haven’t already!
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