Motif's New Pregnancy Support Leggings & Shorts Review

Pregnancy is a unique and beautiful journey, but it comes with its fair share of challenges, including the need for comfortable and supportive clothing. Enter Motif's Support Leggings & Shorts, designed specifically for pregnant women. In this comprehensive review, we will explore every aspect of these maternity activewear pieces, from first impressions to final thoughts.

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First Impressions

From the moment I unboxed Motif's Support Leggings & Shorts, I was impressed. The packaging was simple yet elegant, and the garments themselves looked and felt high-quality. The fabric had a soft, stretchy feel that promised comfort, and the design was tailored to accommodate a growing belly without sacrificing style.

Ease of Use

Putting on both the leggings and shorts was a breeze. The elastic waistband is adjustable to accommodate your changing body, and they slid on easily without any struggle. This flexibility was a huge plus during pregnancy when comfort and ease of wear are top priorities. Plus, there's a non-slip grip on hem to keep them in place, which is a fantastic bonus.


Comfort is paramount during pregnancy, and Motif's Support Leggings & Shorts delivered. The fabric was incredibly soft against the skin, and the seamless construction ensured there was no irritation or chafing. The support provided for the belly was exceptional, offering a gentle hug that alleviated the strain on my lower back. These pieces truly felt like a second skin.


The standout feature of these maternity activewear pieces is the built-in belly support. The support panel extends over the belly and provides just the right amount of compression to reduce discomfort and fatigue. The support isn't overly tight, allowing for natural movement and breathability. Additionally, the leggings and shorts both feature convenient pockets for essentials like your phone or keys.


Cleaning these maternity activewear pieces was a breeze. They held up well in the washing machine and maintained their shape and color after multiple washes. This durability is crucial during pregnancy when you want reliable clothing that can last throughout the trimesters.


I wore Motif's Support Leggings & Shorts for a variety of activities during my pregnancy, from gentle yoga to leisurely walks and even running errands. They stayed comfortably in place without rolling down or riding up, thanks to the well-designed waistband and non-slip grip on hem. The support they provided for my belly was a game-changer, especially in the later stages of pregnancy when my bump was at its largest.

Value for Money

Considering the comfort and support that Motif's maternity activewear offers, they are fantastic value for money. While they might be priced slightly higher than regular leggings and shorts, the added benefits of belly support, comfort, and durability make them a worthwhile investment for any pregnant woman. You can wear them throughout your pregnancy journey and even postpartum as your body continues to change.

Final Thoughts

A must-have for any pregnant woman looking for comfortable, supportive, and stylish activewear. They provide the ideal combination of comfort and functionality, making pregnancy workouts and daily activities more manageable and enjoyable. While they may seem like an investment, the peace of mind and support they offer during this special time are worth every penny. These maternity activewear pieces are a true game-changer, and I highly recommend them to any expectant mother.

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