When Will You Feel Your Baby Moving?

Feeling your baby move can be the thing that provides peace of mind during pregnancy, especially for individuals who struggle with high amounts of anxiety.

Many individuals find that feeling their baby kick gives them some connection and peace. Unfortunately, some individuals also do not feel comfortable with the alien-like sensation.

But no matter how you think about these little kicks, they come, so let's talk about them.

When Might I Start Feeling Kicks?

Most individuals report feeling their baby move between weeks 16 and 25. The reason for this range depends on activity levels and placental placement.

For example, if the placenta is in an anterior position, it can make feeling the new little kicks and flutters difficult. Eventually, the baby will be big enough for this not to matter, but it can make an impact in the beginning. 

What Do Kicks Feel Like?

At first, you may not know if what you are feeling is gas or possibly a tiny baby flutter, but they can feel similar. Once the baby is a little older, it will be clear when you are kicked from the inside out.

Many pregnant individuals describe baby kicks as feeling like butterflies, twitches, and even hunger pangs. Chances are that if you notice a feeling similar to the one described above around 16-25 weeks of pregnancy, you are feeling your baby.
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As much as feeling the baby move can provide peace, it can also give parents a new thing to worry about. In the first and second trimesters, the baby's movements are sporadic and not intense or frequent.

But, as the baby moves into the third trimester, they move about 30 times every hour. You might even notice that your baby has a specific schedule when they are moving versus when they are sleeping. 

If you make it through an entire day and are beginning to panic about whether or not you've felt your baby as much as usual, do not worry; you are not alone.

Using The Kicks Count Method

For individuals worried about their unborn child, something called kick counts can be done.

When your baby is typically active, the pregnant individual will drink a big glass of water or juice and lie on their left side. They will then set a timer and count the times they feel their baby move.

The average and healthy range is about ten movements every two hours. Most commonly, individuals will feel these ten movements in the first few minutes once they are still enough to feel the movement from their little ones.

If you do the kick counts and still do not get the ten movements in two hours, the next step is to call your care provider and schedule to come in and be seen.

Sometimes, it indicates that the baby is sleeping and unwilling to play your game; other times, it is a sign of a severe complication. Your care provider will know how to care for you and your baby.
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