Honoring Mom Beyond Tradition: The Precious Gift of Time this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a wonderful occasion, a time to celebrate and honor the mother figures in our lives. Moms do so much for us, and we want to spoil them and give them the best gifts we can. Moms are bound to appreciate any gesture of kindness or care – knowing that you are thinking of them means the world. Traditional gifts like chocolates, flowers, cards, and self-care supplies are all great ways to show your affection. But in your quest to give the perfect gift, don’t forget to consider the precious gift of time. 

What Does Mom Need?

Time is a luxury for mothers. According to a 2011 study by the Pew Research Center, mothers in the United States spend an average of 20 hours per week on childcare and housework. Their days are filled with providing, nurturing, teaching, and supporting their children, often while balancing work and other responsibilities. The pressure to be a perfect mother and to meet both personal and societal expectations can be overwhelming.

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Any way you look at it, being a mom is hard. And with so many demands filling their schedules, sometimes what moms need is a little extra time. Time to rejuvenate, time to reconnect, and time to simply be. For pregnant moms, this could mean a moment of relaxation to ease the physical strain of pregnancy. For moms with newborns, it could be time to connect with their spouse without interruptions or to reconnect with themselves. For mothers with older children, it could be an opportunity to pursue personal interests or enjoy quality time with their grown-up kids. For some moms, it might just be the chance to have a change of scenery or a break for thirty minutes. 

The Gift of Time

Dads, partners, kids, siblings, friends – this Mother’s Day, consider giving the gift of time. Offer to take over household chores, allowing mom a few moments of peace and solitude. Plan a special outing or activity that allows her to unwind and create lasting memories with her family. Or simply lend a listening ear and offer your support, showing her that you value her well-being above all else.

There are countless ways you can give your mom the gift of time this Mother’s Day. Of course, don’t forget to include those flowers and chocolates – they're a delightful addition to any celebration. But let’s also prioritize putting in the time to show Mom you care. Whether the mother figure in your life is expecting a child, navigating the new challenges of motherhood, or enjoying the company of her grown children, she is certain to appreciate a little extra time to celebrate. 

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