Your Baby is the size of a


Do you see the benefits of all those prenatal vitamins and pregnancy hormones? Your hair is thicker, your nails are stronger, and if your baby is a boy, his testes are now beginning to descend from the pelvis to the scrotum.

Week 22

Length : 27.6 cm

Weight : 430 g

Week 22
Length : 27.6 cm
Weight : 430 g

Your Baby is the size of a


Do you see the benefits of all those prenatal vitamins and pregnancy hormones? Your hair is thicker, your nails are stronger, and if your baby is a boy, his testes are now beginning to descend from the pelvis to the scrotum.

Your baby grows rapidly and matures inside you, filling out and crowding your space. Their pancreas, a key player in hormone production, is developing steadily.

Your little one's skin may appear wrinkled, but your baby will gain enough body weight in the coming weeks to fill out their skin. If your baby is a boy, his testes are descending from the pelvis to the scrotum.

Those cute little eyes are fully developed, but the irises still lack color. Most babies, even those of non-white ethnicities, appear to have deeply dark blue eyes at birth, but your baby's genetics will ultimately determine their eye color. As your baby’s melatonin increases, their eye color is affected. You won't know how this happens until about nine months after your baby's birth. Most parents wait until their child's first birthday to determine the permanent eye color.

Nothing is inevitable, but your basic science knowledge already offers you a clue. For example, two brown-eyed parents will most likely have a brown-eyed child. Two blue-eyed parents will most likely have a blue-eyed child. If one parent has blue eyes and one parent has brown eyes, your child's odds of having blue or brown irises are about 50/50, though if Grandma has blue eyes, your child's odds of having blue eyes increase.

Another fun fact this week is your little one’s nerve endings, and brain are developed enough to feel whenever you rub your belly! And if you gently press into your stomach, your baby may react by pressing back!         

By week 22, you probably feel a little swollen, especially in your ankles and feet. This swelling, called edema, occurs when the changes in your body chemistry cause fluids to move into your body tissue. Your enlarging uterus puts pressure on the two central veins responsible for circulating blood through the lower half of your body. This swelling is likely more noticeable or severe towards the end of the day. And if your pregnancy endures through the summer months, the hottest days are even worse for swelling.

To combat edema, try to avoid sitting for long periods. If you do sit, put your feet up. When you stand up again, stretch out your legs before resuming activities. Compression socks help with swelling, too. And though you may want to avoid fluids when you feel swollen, you need to keep hydrated. It helps.

The swelling in your feet might make your shoes feel small, but there's also a chance your foot size is increasing due to pregnancy hormones, which relax and loosen your joints and muscles in preparation for childbirth. If this happens, your feet may need a larger shoe size permanently.

Be sure to call your doctor or midwife if you notice any sudden swelling - especially in your hands or face - as this could signify a more severe condition called preeclampsia. Preeclampsia affects three to eight percent of all pregnant individuals and usually occurs late in the third trimester but can occur as early as 20 weeks. To diagnose preeclampsia, your doctor looks for sure signs, such as high blood pressure, constant swelling, and large amounts of protein in your urine.

This week, you may feel the benefits of all those prenatal vitamins and pregnancy hormones.

Your hair seems thicker. Your nails feel stronger. Some people will regularly take prenatal vitamins when they aren't even pregnant just to experience these benefits naturally. There is a slight chance these benefits have caused a bit of unwanted hair growth by now, too, like on your face. If this happens, you can always wax, shave, or tweeze these unwanted hairs; no one will know, and we won’t tell. One more thing to note is many chemicals in bleach can be absorbed through your skin. Because of this, you should not bleach any unwanted hair growth, no matter what! Your baby’s health and development come first.         

By week 22, most of your symptoms are directly related to the amount of space your little one now occupies inside of you. Here are some things you may experience this week.

Outie belly button: If you had an “innie” belly button before pregnancy it is possible that it has turned into an “outie” with your expanding middle!

Stronger nails & thicker hair: this side effect of changing hormones and prenatal vitamins can be most welcome! Enjoy!

Larger feet: hormones causing your ligaments to relax are not limited to your abdomen. Some individuals have reported noticing their shoe-size increase with pregnancy. This may be a temporary change, or your new normal. Either way- time to go shoe shopping!

Swelling in the ankles and feet: some swelling is normal and expected during pregnancy, especially if you are on your feet all day, but it’s best to keep an eye on any sudden changes so your healthcare provider can ensure there isn’t anything to be concerned about.

Swelling in the hands or face: talk to your healthcare provider if you are experiencing sudden swelling, as this could be a warning sign of a dangerous complication called preeclampsia. 

Leg cramps and/or backaches: aches and pains are an uncomfortable, albeit normal, part of pregnancy. Stay hydrated and talk to your doctor about safe pain relief options that may offer some comfort.

Increased libido: pregnancy can have a direct effect on libido in both directions. If you are experiencing a heightened sex drive, this may be in response to increased blood flow causing heightened sensitivity, paired with a boost of energy and positive mood. Communicate with your partner so they can be supportive and enjoy!

Heartburn, indigestion, gas, and/or constipation: pregnancy isn’t always glowing radiance. As your digestive system slows in response to increased progesterone causing your muscles to relax, you may experience bloating and gas (from both ends!).

Frequent nighttime wakings: between getting up to use the bathroom, leg cramps, shortness of breath, and even heartburn– you may be struggling to get a decent amount of sleep during the night. 

Crazy dreams: vivid dreams can be some of the more interesting pregnancy symptoms. While the cause is unknown it may have something to do with hormones, or the fact that nausea or frequent urination means you are not sleeping as deeply and can remember your dreams more easily. 

Stretch marks, itchy or dry skin, and/or unwanted hair growth: as your baby continues to grow and your body grows to accommodate, your skin may experience stretching, leaving marks and causing discomfort. You may also notice hair growing in places it didn’t grow previously, or growing more aggressively than it did before. You can utilize lotions and creams to soothe irritated skin; but stretch marks are largely genetic and not something you should feel guilty for not “preventing”.  Unwanted hair growth can be shaved or plucked. Waxing may not be advisable during pregnancy and should be explored as an option with caution.          

Discuss how you plan to diaper your little one, once they are here. It's true, your baby isn't here yet; but one glance at the available diapering options for a newborn can tell you this is something you should figure out, before you're gifted with a lot of cloth diapering supplies or storing your friends unopened packages of leftover throwaway diapers. Talking with your partner, or with family and friends who've recently had a baby, about your diapering choices is just the first step on a journey you never thought you would take. Because the average newborn will require about 10 to 12 diaper changes in a 24-hour period. So, you will, at some point, become fascinated with this diapering business.

Do your research, look at your options, and talk with other parents who have recently gone through this stage of parenting. Which will you choose? Disposable, cloth, or a combination of both?

Have you scheduled your glucose challenge test? This test determines your risk for gestational diabetes and should take place somewhere between the 24th and 28th week of your pregnancy.

Don't forget to also schedule a maternity photoshoot this week, if you are hoping to have one. And take a side profile pregnancy picture.

Write in your pregnancy journal. In a few years, you'll look back and realize just how priceless this journal is!

Last, but not least …

If you haven't decided on your little one's name, take a few minutes this week to narrow it down, removing at least one choice from the list of possibilities.         

At a Glance

  • Baby fat: Your baby is slowly putting on a necessary layer of fat. With a little more time they will be covered in sweet baby rolls.
  • Pelvic Pain: With all the growing and stretching your body is enduring to accommodate your baby, you may experience plenty of aches and pains including pelvic pain.
  • Birth classes: Have you considered signing up for a birth class? This can be a great learning experience for both new and veteran parents.
  • Anemia: Many individuals are prone to low-iron levels during pregnancy. Look for iron-rich foods or consider a supplement if your provider says your levels are low.
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