Top Baby Names for 2022

The name a parent chooses for their little one marks their place in the world and gives them their first symbol of identity. When meeting someone new, the first thing they tell you is their name. 

Once again, the top baby names of 2022 are Olivia and Liam. Olivia has been the most common baby girl name for four consecutive years, and Liam for six! The top ten remain similar to previous years except for a few changes. The names that increased the most for the year 2022 for girls were Wrenlee, Neria, and Arlet. The boys' names that rose the fastest this year were Dutton, Kyce, and Chosen. 

Based on the Official Social Security Website, the most popular baby names for the 2022 year are …

Girl Names


Olivia was the most common name given to baby girls in 2022 and derives from the “olive tree,” which represents peace. 


Emma is a mighty name representing a strong and independent individual. This person can make their own decisions and stand up for what they believe in. 


Charlotte means “free man” or “petite” and is of French origin. The name Charlotte is commonly given to baby girls due to its many adorable nicknames and its popularity as a name for queens, princesses, and duchesses. 


The fourth most popular name for girls in 2022 was Amelia. Amelia means “industrious” or “hardworking” and is a popular name among royalty in history. 


Sophia became the fifth most popular baby girl name this year. This name means wisdom and was popularized by European royalty during the Middle Ages. 


Isabella is the sixth most common name for baby girls in 2022. The Italian girl’s name has consistently remained popular and means “devoted to God.” The name Isabella refers to beauty, coming from the Italian word bella, which means beautiful. The seventh most popular name for baby girls this year was 


Ava is of Latin origin and means “life; bird.” The origin of Ava is uncertain; however, it is primarily of Latin roots. 


The name Mia is originally an Egyptian word for “beloved” and also has ties to the Slavic word Mila, which means “dear or darling.” 


Evelyn means “desired, island, and wished for.” This is a name of mixed origins. 


Lina was the tenth most common name given to baby girls in 2022. This name is of Latin origin and means “moon.”

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Boy Names


The name Liam is the shortened version of the Irish name Uilliam. It means “strong-willed warrior” and “protector.” 


Noah has two origins, one from the Hebrew “Noach” and the other from the Babylonian word “nukhu.” Noah is also a biblical name from the Old Testament. Noah is familiar and easy to spell and pronounce, so it has remained popular. 


Oliver remains consistent as one of the top three names for baby boys in the year 2022. Oliver means “ancestor’s descendants” and comes from Old Norse. The name began to rise in popularity during the 19th century and has remained popular. 


In fourth place is the traditional name James, which means “supplanter” or “replacer.” 


Elijah is a name that goes back to the Old Testament of the Bible and comes from the Hebrew phrase, “Jehovah is my God.” 


William is the sixth most popular name of the year, meaning resolute protector. The name was first introduced to England by William the Conqueror in 1066 and has remained common throughout the English-speaking world. 


Henry, the seventh-place boys' name of 2022, means “house rule.” The meaning of Henry derives from the old German name Heimeric, which translates to the same purpose. 


The eighth most common name remains the same as in previous years and is Lucas, a fitting name for a baby who will bring light into the lives of their family. 


The ninth most popular name of 2022 was Benjamin. Benjamin means “son of the right hand” or “son of the south.” The name Benjamin is a popular name due to the variety of nicknames one can give it. 


Theodore was once again the tenth most popular name given to baby boys this year. Theodore is a name of Greek origin; it means “gift of God” or “divine gift.” 

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