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Are you searching for the perfect name for your new baby girl? You're in the right place! As a new parent, choosing a name for your daughter can be a challenge but don't worry; there's lots of inspiration in this article to give you ideas and help influence this crucial decision.

Whether you're looking for a sweet and classic name or an ultra-cool and contemporary moniker, our list of the top 20 names for girls is sure to give you a flash of creativity!

To guide you even more, we've explained how to pick the perfect unique baby girl name, as well as a handy FAQ section! So, to get your naming mission started, simply read on to find out more.

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How do you pick the perfect name for your baby girl?

Before we jump into our top baby girl names, let's look at how to begin choosing the best name for your little bundle of joy. As most parents know, choosing a name for your little girl is a very important decision, because after all, it's permanent and something she'll have to live with forever.

A good tip for choosing the best baby girl name is to steer clear of passing trending names. Your baby's name should be timeless, so ask yourself, will this name sound completely ridiculous in 20 years? Or will their initials spell something inappropriate? If yes, avoid it.

You might gain inspiration from your family tree too. Naming your baby after a much-loved family member is always a sweet tribute.

Top 20 Popular Baby Girl Names


Pronounced eh-VAH, Ava is a perfect baby name for anyone looking for a strong but feminine moniker for their daughter. With Latin origins, Ava means "life, water, island, bird".

In the medieval years, Ava was the diminutive of Germanic monikers being with Av, particularly Aveline. It gained popularity thanks to high-profile stars choosing it for their daughters, including Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman!


Originally an English surname, Evelyn was an anglicized form of Aveline, a Norman French name. In later years, Evelyn was a gender-neutral given name. However, it became more popular for baby girls, likely because of its close resemblance to Eve.

Choosing Evelyn will mean your baby girl has the same name as kids of high profile stars such as Bruce Willis and Carey Mulligan!


Next on our list of the most popular baby girls names is Luna. Sweet and charming, in Roman myth, Luna was the moon goddess, typically pictured driving a white chariot across the skyline, showing her to be an independent and brave spirit.

The popularity of Luna is undoubtedly thanks to the loony but lovable character Luna Lovegood in JK Rowling's Harry Potter series. Surprisingly, Luna was also somewhat popular in the US back in 1881!


Our next pick of the most popular baby names is Amelia. A beautiful vintage moniker with a contemporary edge, the most recent data shows that Amelia has grown in popularity in the last few years.

Amelia has Latin origins, and the root of the name is Amal which means "work". When it's translated, "work" actually means fertility and industriousness instead of labor.

The name Amelia also became popular in Europe during the 18th century, when Kings George II and III gave the name Amelia to their daughters.


Charlotte would be a great contender if you're looking for traditional and classic baby girl names that are gaining popularity. Primarily a girl's name, Charlotte has French and English origins, and it means "free". It's the feminine form of Charles, and it shares the nicknames Charley or Charlie.

Charlotte is a popular choice amongst the Royal Family, the most famous being the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's daughter, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. The Duchess' younger sister Phillipa also has Charlotte as her middle name.


From an old Germanic word that means "universal" or "whole", Emma is an English name that originally became popular in England thanks to Emma of Normandy, who was married to the English King Aethelred II and then later married Cnut the Great.

The name Emma was chosen by Jane Austen, a famous English author who created Emma Woodhouse, the main character in her 1816 novel, Emma. The name first became popular in the UK, and it then made its way into the SSA's list, where it's stayed towards the very top.


Abigail is a name with Hebrew origins, and it means "my father is joy", with Abby being a common nickname. In the Bible, Abigail is the name of King David's wife, and it's come to constitute wisdom.

Famous people named Abigail include the actresses Abbie Cornish and Abigail Breslin. It was also the name of two women married to American presidents.


Our next pick of the most popular baby names for girls is Ella. This baby girl's name is of English and German origin, which means "completely, all, fairy maiden".

The name has parallel derivations, starting with the Norman variation of Alia, a Germanic name and nickname for monikers containing "ali". Additionally, it's a Hebrew name, which refers to a tree that's part of the pistachio family.

In Scandanavia and English-speaking countries, the name Ella became a diminutive for names that began with El, including Elizabeth and Eleanor.


Elizabeth is a girl's name with Hebrew origins, and it means "pledged to God". The name derives from Elisheva, a Hebrew name formed from the elements "el" which means "God", and "shava" which means oath.

In the Bible, the mother of John the Baptist was named Elizabeth, and England's two most famous queens were both named Elizabeth. Another famous bearer of the name was Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor, who incidentally hated being called Liz.


Next on our list of the most popular baby girl names is Sofia. This is a girl's name with Greek origins, and it means "wisdom". The name Sofia is a variation of Sophia, a Greek name that derives from Sophia, which in Greek means wisdom.

It was the moniker of a Roman saint, the mother of Charity, Hope and Faith, and Russian and Spanish queens. Sonya is also the Russian form of the name Sofia. It's also the capital and biggest city in Bulgaria!


Camila is among the most popular baby girl names. With Latin origins, it means "ceremonial attendant". Incredibly popular in Spain, the Spanish form of Camila is the most rapidly popular form of this old Roman moniker.

However, the royal Camilla has helped promote it in the UK. In Roman mythology, Camila was a nimble huntress who could sprint over a field so fast she wouldn't even bend the blades of grass! Camila is also the name of popstar Camilla Cabello.


If you're looking at gender-neutral names, Avery is an excellent place to start. Although this name is primarily given to girls these days, years ago, it was among the most popular boy names.

This name is of English origin, and it means "ruler of the elves". In the Middle Ages, the name originated as a Norman-French pronunciation of Alfred, an Anglo-Saxon moniker.

Famous people who chose the name Avery for their daughters include Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn, and Dr. Phil has a granddaughter called Avery!


Baby girl names don't come much cuter than Harper! It's a name that's unique but will still prove to be timeless. Harper is a girl's name with English origins, and it means "harp player".

This girl's name has gone from being very unknown to being near the top of the most popular girl names in less than 10 years! Originally rarely heard for girls, Harper is a perfect example of the trend of surnames becoming boys' names and then girls' names.


The next name on our list of the most popular baby girl names is Layla. This beautiful moniker is of Arabic origin and it means "night". The name derives from "layl", the Semitic element that means "night".

It has Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian roots, and in the Arabic tale "Qays and Layla", Layla is the name of the poet's unrequited affections.


Another moniker that's among the most popular names is Scarlett. This is a girl's name with English origins, and it means "red or scarlet".

Some fun facts about Scarlett: it originated as an occupational surname, specifically a person who would sell scarlet, a luxury type of wool made during Medieval Europe.

The name is believed to derive from "siklāt", an Arabic word that means silks dyed using kermes. The most favorite and fanciest color was bright scarlet red.


If you're looking for baby names that are modern with a vintage twist, then Grace is the ideal name! Grace is of Latin origin, and it was originally used to refer to the phrase "God's grace". The name Grace means goodness, generosity, and charm.

In Greek myths, Grace is associated with joy and beauty. The three Graces were thought to be goddesses of nature, adding purity to the name.


The name Mia originates from Maria, which derives from Miryam, a Hebrew name. Mia is thought to originally come from an ancient Eqyptian word Mr, meaning beloved.

Recently, the name Mia has been linked to mia, an Italian word that means mine. The name Mia is also believed to derive from Mila, a Slavic word that means darling or dear.


If you're searching for baby names that ooze elegance and femininity, Gianna is a perfect choice! Gianna is among the most popular names for little girls in Italy, but it's quickly becoming popular in other countries too.

The name made its way into the US name charts back in 1989, and it's been a firm favorite ever since. With Italian origins, Gianna means "the Lord is gracious" and it became a diminutive for Giovanna, the Latin feminine form of John.


All parents want to find the perfect little girl name for their bundle of joy, and Ellie is a great place to start! Ellie is an English name that means "bright shining one".

The name was originally a nickname for other girl names beginning with El, including Eleanor, Elizabeth, and Ellen. However, in recent years it's become popular as a standalone name, especially in the UK.


Regarded as a traditional Irish name for the longest time, Nora is slowly making its way to the top of the name charts in the US. The name is of Irish origin, and it means "light".

The name Nora has two different stories of origin, being a derivative of both Eleanor and Honora. The Anglo-Norman and Irish version comes from Honora, from the Latin word "honor". The Hungarians created Nora as a shortened form of Eleanora.


What is the rarest girl's name?

Some parents want really unusual and rare names for their little ones. While there are some beautiful rare names out there, it's still important to pick one that won't be ridiculous or cause embarrassment to your child in the years to come.

Although it's difficult to say what the rarest baby name for a girl is, rare monikers include:

  • Shepherd
  • Indigo
  • Baxter
  • Clementine
  • Indra

Should I choose a unique name for my baby?

This is up to each individual parent. If you're a couple it's important that you both fully agree on the chosen name to avoid any issues further down the road.

Giving your child a unique name can make them feel very special and one-of-a-kind. With a unique name, you can be sure your child won't be sitting in a classroom with 3 or 4 kids sporting the same moniker!

How do I find baby girl name inspiration?

A good way to find creativity for names is to look at your own family tree. Naming your child after a much-loved family member who has passed is a very endearing tribute.

Another idea is to take the first letter of the family member's name and choose a name beginning with that letter. This is sure to inspire you, and remember to have fun choosing an exciting new name for your little one!

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