My Top 10 Pregnancy Reveal Ideas


Spring is just ahead and like mother nature, it’s time for baby season too! In the last five years, pregnancy reveals have skyrocketed. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of being able to have a party or share the biggest news of their lives with everyone?

I never got to experience it with my first kids because it wasn’t really a thing. But I was so excited to do it at least once with my third and last baby.

How do you decide how to tell the world your big news?

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Well, there are 1000’s of ideas for pregnancy reveals so I thought I would share with you the most popular 10 Pregnancy Reveals to boost your inspiration.

1. Sonogram Photo Surrounded by Baby Props

2. T-shirt Mommy & Daddy Est Year

3. Lining up Family Shoes and a new Baby Pair

4. Loading…Play on Tech Words Implying Your Pregnant

5. Use Message Board – Baby #? Arriving YEAR

6. Daddy Holds a Beer and Mommy Holds upside down Empty Wine Glass

7. Big Brother/ Big Sister for Siblings Announcing

8. Hold Baby Shoes in between Mommy & Daddy’s Holding Hands

9. Mugs Mommy-To-Be and Daddy-To-Be or even Grandparents-To-Be

10. Use Positive Pregnancy Test in Photo or Video

We ended up announcing our pregnancy to the world by videoing the kids drawing a picture. They thought they had to draw a picture of our family story and after they finished drawing Mommy, Daddy, Brother and Sister (themselves) I had a little baby cut out of cardboard and taped it to my belly and they both were so excited. It’s a cute video on our YouTube and then we shared the video online.

It’s not just about the announcement. I have a record of how they reacted to the news. I have a record of them telling our story how we met, got married and had each of them from their point of view. It’s a great keepsake to have when they are older.

How did you announce your pregnancies? Did you do it with a video or photo or the old fashion way?

Modern technology has allowed us to get even more creative with the way we share news with the world. I only wish I could have had similar keepsakes from my first pregnancies.

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