How to Hide a Baby Bump Until You’re Ready to Share

mom hiding pregnancy test behind back

When and how, or even if you announce your pregnancy, is an incredibly personal decision with many variables! If you aren't quite ready to share the news, try some of these tips to conceal your conception!

Clothing choices

Instinct may tell you the baggier, the better, but a sudden shapeless style change can raise eyebrows almost as much as your burgeoning midsection. Try to stick to your everyday look with a few modifications. Loose-fitting clothing can be an excellent option for disguising your bump, but you'll want to keep things stylish and natural. Opt for layers when possible and allow the space between them to work for you! 

For example, you can look to Rihanna in the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show. Even with a nice round tummy and an intentional reveal on her part, the flowing red jacket had people squinting at their screens and scratching their heads, trying to figure out if she really was pregnant or if their eyes were playing tricks on them. 

You can also use darker colors to enhance visual misdirection. People are usually too polite (I said usually!) to assume you're pregnant; even if they notice your bump, they may explain it away as an illusion brought on by how your clothing is fitting versus the growing baby you're carrying around! 

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Make select appearances

Sometimes the best way to avoid having people see your bump is to avoid being seen! It may be suspicious if you turn into a complete hermit, but not going out of your way to see people can minimize the number of opportunities for them to spot your belly. 

When you do go in public, choose activities where there will be a lot of people or a lot of activity so that the attention will be pulled away from you. A lunch date will make it much harder to conceal your bump than an evening at the movies. 

Also, consider who you are spending time with. Would you feel safe sharing your pregnancy with these people if they found out now? Are they discreet, or would they end up sharing the news with others? If your great aunt Matilda asks you whether you're expecting every time you see her, avoid her until you're ready for everyone to know. 

Guard your photo-ops

Often, in the moment, people are distracted by activities, conversations, or any number of things. It's not until after the fact, as people are pouring over the photos, they may notice something is a little different about you. Pictures can easily be copied, shared, and speculated over freely through messages, allowing others to draw their own conclusions. 

You don't have to avoid the camera altogether, but take care of how and where you're standing. Holding an item or standing behind someone can mask your bump. When hiding isn't possible, standing straight forward vs. turning to your side can be helpful to avoid highlighting your changing silhouette. 

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Don't give clues

Even a perfectly concealed bump won't remain a secret if you accidentally reveal your pregnancy another way! If there will be alcohol at an event, come up with a believable alibi ahead of time, so you won't raise suspicion when you pass on drinks. 

Try to keep your hands off your stomach, as non-pregnant people usually don't rest their hands there naturally unless they are feeling sick. If you are experiencing morning sickness, avoid triggers like going out at certain times or being around specific smells that you know will make you nauseous. 

Play it cool 

There's nothing more suspicious than someone trying too hard to act not suspicious. Generally, other people are much less aware of you and your body than you are. Take some deep breaths and try to relax. While someone finding out about your pregnancy when you do not want to share that information can be stressful, it will be ok. 

Making an action plan for if/when people find out may relieve some stress. You can have a social media announcement waiting in the wings if the information gets out and you'd like to share it yourself before it spreads too far. You can also have a list of people to contact if you feel some loved ones would prefer to hear personally from you. 

Make a team

Having a small group of people "in the know" can relieve some burdens by assisting you with diversions and excuses. They can also provide a support network as you navigate those early days of pregnancy, where physical symptoms and emotions begin rolling in. 

So much about pregnancy is out of our control. It can be a comfort to take the lead in who accompanies you along the journey and when they join. Be confident that this is your information to share, and other people's reactions are not your responsibility. You are entitled to enjoy this moment, so how and when you rock your bump is up to you! 

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