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12m+ & Toddlers
Your First-Steps Guide to Buying Shoes for Baby
With all the excitement of the first year, one of the most anticipated milestones is when your baby makes the transition from crawling to walking! Anywhere between ten and eighteen months is considered the norm for babies to take those precious first steps. And once that transition happens, you may
Baby Names
Baby Names Inspired by Nature
When deciding the perfect name to give your little one, many things might be racing through your mind. Is this a traditional name? How should I spell this name? What does this name mean? What will others think of this name? The bottom line is the name you give to your baby will last forever, and it
Cesarean Sections
Reasons for a C-Section: Planned and Unexpected
Cesarean sections are valid and lifesaving ways of giving birth. Cesarean sections are quite common and occur in a little more than 32% of births in the United States, and in some areas, it is as high as 60%. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a much lower amount of 10-15% of births bein
Pregnancy Symptoms and Challenges
Preeclampsia During Pregnancy
Preeclampsia is something that we have likely all heard of. We know that taking blood pressure every appointment and discussing whether you are swelling or having headaches are all screening for it, but what is preeclampsia, and how does it impact pregnancy and childbirth? What Is Preeclampsia? Pree
Second Trimester
When Will You Feel Your Baby Moving?
Feeling your baby move can be the thing that provides peace of mind during pregnancy, especially for individuals who struggle with high amounts of anxiety. Many individuals find that feeling their baby kick gives them some connection and peace. Unfortunately, some individuals also do not feel comfor
Baby Names
Top Baby Names for 2022
The name a parent chooses for their little one marks their place in the world and gives them their first symbol of identity. When meeting someone new, the first thing they tell you is their name.  Once again, the top baby names of 2022 are Olivia and Liam. Olivia has been the most common baby girl n
Safe Sleep & Bathtime
How Safe is Your Baby's Sleep Environment?
September is widely recognized as “Safe Sleep Awareness Month,” a campaign dedicated to raising awareness about safe sleeping practices for infants and young children to prevent sleep-related infant deaths. I can still remember when I first found out I was pregnant with my first son, and I was very
Newborn Essentials & Wish Lists
Newborn Essentials
Not long to go now until your little one is finally here, so it's time to start preparing the nursery with everything your baby may need during the first year of life. We've put together a checklist for you of everything you could possibly need or want to help you shop, add to your baby shower regis
Labor Preparation
What Postpartum Recovery Is Really Like
Throughout pregnancy, the majority of what is discussed and planned for is the birth, baby, and nursery. What is least talked about and prepared for is postpartum recovery. After hours and hours of hard work to get your baby out, you have left the responsibility to feed and care for them despite any
Third Trimester
Why Bonding With Your Newborn May Be Harder Than You Think and What to Do About It
Many parents recall the day they first held their baby as one of the best days of their lives – but for some parents, that isn't quite the case. Even if you love your newborn baby with all your heart, sparks may not fly right away, and that's okay! It is completely normal for bonding between parents
Newborn Essentials & Wish Lists
What Your Newborn Really Needs: Important Care Tips
Bringing our first baby home from the hospital was a simple yet precious experience. I inched my post-cesarean-self up three flights of stairs in the summer Florida heat while my husband carried the baby and all our hospital supplies with multiple trips. Setting him down in the swing we had assemble
Labor Preparation
What Does a Mucus Plug Look Like?
It is common to hear about the infamous mucus plug at the end of pregnancy. About 45 percent of individuals say they lost their mucus plug a few weeks before labor, and 34 percent say that they lost their mucus plug within two days of labor beginning. On the other hand, some individuals never seem t

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