Kalli Chason

Kalli is the owner and visionary of Breathe Birth Care. A little over eight years ago, she fell into the line of birth work by first becoming a Doula, then Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Hypnobabies Instructor, Placenta Encapsulator, and so on. She then gave birth to her first child at home in her little studio apartment, and it changed everything. She was empowered. When her daughter was about eighteen months old, she was invited to Haiti to learn from the midwives and it was there that she fell in love with the work and felt called to further her education and become a midwife. Now, almost four years later, she is fulfilling that dream at Midwives College of Utah as she continues on the path to her bachelors of midwifery degree. She is the mother of three beautiful children and has a great partner who supports her as her equal throughout her fulfilling her dreams and pursuing her career.

Content written by Kalli Chason