Baby Names Inspired by Fall

baby playing in fall autumn leaves

When deciding the perfect name to give your little one, many things might be racing through your mind. Is this a traditional name? How should I spell this name? What does this name mean? What will others think of this name? The bottom line is the name you give to your baby will last forever, and it is up to you and your partner to decide the perfect name for your baby! 

Fall in love with these names inspired by Autumn and the crispy weather that is approaching. 

Girls Fall Names


Autumn is a feminine name of Latin origin meaning “fall” or “season of harvest.”


With roots in both Arabic and Celtic languages, Amber is a traditionally feminine name. It might be a synonym for "fierce" or the name of an amber-colored diamond.


The feminine name Hazel is of British origin and means "the hazel tree." The name conjures up the vivid hues of hazel trees and the seasons when they flourish.


The name Auburn is an American origin that means Reddish Brown.


Originally from Old English, the name Willow  means "willow tree." Its roots can be found in the Old English word welig, which means "willow." The graceful "willowy" structure of these trees, as well as their propensity to thrive in difficult environments, make them well known.


The name Ember conjures up feelings of warmth, brightness, and desire. It is a name that signifies strength, determination, and a soul that shines brightly.


Hazel is an English baby name that means "hazel tree." An ancient hazel wand represented authority and protection.


The meaning of the name Maple is "one who lives near Maple trees." The word maple, derived from the Old English mapultreow, refers specifically to the robust species of trees, whose varieties exist on all seven continents.


The name's English derivation is "olive tree." Because of the meaning attached to the olive branch, the name is associated with peace. Champions have always worn an olive wreath as a representation of their victory.


The term "opal" comes from the Sanskrit word for "precious stone." This gem embodies a complex symbolism, including "faithfulness" and "confidence."


Daphne is of Greek origin that means “laurel tree.”

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Boys Fall Names 


Moss is an ethnic name that translates to "savior" and "descendant of Moses." 


The name Bruno has different variations of the meanings consisting of dark skin and brown hair.


Rowan has Scottish and Irish roots, coming from the word Ruadhán, which means "little redhead." 


Jack comes from the British origin of " God is Gracious." It is also a variation of John and Jacob.


Woody is of American origin that means From The Lane In The Woods.


Ash comes from the Hebrew title Asher, meaning “happy.” It is also from the British origins, relating to the verdant ash tree.


Russell is of French origins, meaning “little red.”


Oliver's origins are in Old Norse, which means "ancestor's descendants." It also derives from the Latin and French words meaning "olive" or "olive tree."


The name Heath is of English ancestry and means "Land Of Heather And Grass." Originally a shortened version of Heathcliff. 


Sawyer means someone who works with wood or a “woodcutter”

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Gender Neutral Fall Names 


The name is of British origin that means “one who hunts, pursuer.”


Rain is a British origin name, meaning “abundant blessing from above.”  Rain also means rejuvenation and coolness of air.


The Latin meaning of the word Cedar translates to "cedar tree." The evergreen tree, which has a strong spicy aroma and stands for power, endurance, and longevity.


The name Rory is from the the Irish term ruadh, which means "red," and the Old Irish name Ruaidhr, which means "red king."


The name Rowan has Irish and Scottish roots and comes from the noun Ruadhán, which means "little redhead." Rowan is adored in nature just as much as it is in mythology.


Asher is a Hebrew name meaning "happy" and "blessed." It's derived from the Hebrew word osher, meaning "happiness."


Aki is Japanese origin and means Born in the autumn; ancestor; bright


The name Zane means a gift from God.


The name Berwin means harvest-time friend.


Keegan is an Irish surname that derives from MacAodhagán. Keegan's name, which means "small flame," may serve as a reminder to him of how even the smallest sparks may flare brilliantly, bringing hope and light to many.

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