What Mommy Really Wants for Valentine's Day

What Mommy Really Wants for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day as a mother is completely different than what it used to be as a teen, young adult, or even that first year with your partner. Those holidays were filled with giggles, glitter, teddy bears, and the pitter-patter of the heart. Let’s face it, once you have kids, Valentine’s Day takes on a different mean of school discos, cards for the entire classroom that are Pinterest worthy, and avoiding kids parties.

10 ideas for what Mommy really wants for Valentine's Day?

Having asked on my stories here are the majority of the Mommies requests:

1. Privacy For a Day

Privacy for a day to pee alone, shower with no one walking in to ask random questions, or enjoy that chocolate bar Daddy got us without sharing it. Shellfish I know! But so true. Possibly a hot bath drawn for us with a nice bath bomb in it. Actually scratch the bath bomb just an uninterrupted bath would be amazing.

2. A Clean House

Oh, the joys of a sparkling kitchen floor, or the laundry basket being empty. What a gift that would be. Perhaps hint to Daddy for a cleaning service as your next V-Day present.

3. Someone Else Do The Cooking

Take away the burden from us Mommies that do it day in and day out. Not having to think of three meals for five people a day sounds like an amazing gift to me!

4. A Lie In

This should be a given. We run around a lot and a lot of the times our sleep is interrupted by a bug, a nightmare, a crying baby that needs cuddling. Any extra time in bed is heaven.

5. Pampering

Another easy one, a massage, facial or hair treatment is not just relaxing and pampering but it's time for ourselves. Mommy needs time for Mommy sometimes too.

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6. Handmade Gift

Forget that shop teddy bear that will only collect dust. We love handmade gifts from the heart. It means you took the time and care to create something special which means more to us than a teddy bear holding a heart.

7. Treat to Eat or Drink

A lovely bottle of champagne to go with that uninterrupted bath above would be the ultimate V-day present. Perhaps some gorgeous dark chocolate to go with it.

8. A Surprise

We all can get into a routine of kids, school, work, life, and sometimes a surprise is just what we need. Surprise Mommy with a candlelit dinner or a special date night out. Give her a reason to get all dolled up and feel pretty. Or for me, something as simple as do the school run for a day would be high on my list. We don't need much to surprise us.

9. A Compliment

With busy lives we often forget to stop and just say things like: I love you! You are doing an amazing job! We are so grateful for all that you do for us! Little sentiments go a long way and on a day that is marked for 'LOVE' why not spread the love.

10. A Night Out

Maybe your schedules are hard to fit a night out with friends in. Perhaps you don't have family nearby to babysit. Sometimes a night out with friends and not being Mommy for once is an amazing feeling. You may be tired all the time, and don't feel like going out but when you get dressed up and get out, out... those feelings of just being YOU again come back. It's worth the babysitting fees these days to try it, especially on Valentine's Day. So whether it's with a partner or with a pack of your favorite girlfriends get out, out already!

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what Mommies need and want most. We love our partners and children dearly but easing ANY or SOME of the day to day chores, to do's, must-haves, runarounds for the kids is a godsend. HELP US OUT, and it will be a holiday to remember!

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