What Does a Mucus Plug Look Like?

How Common is it to Lose Your Mucus Plug?

It is common to hear about the infamous mucus plug at the end of pregnancy. About 45 percent of individuals say they lost their mucus plug a few weeks before labor, and 34 percent say that they lost their mucus plug within two days of labor beginning. On the other hand, some individuals never seem to lose their mucus plug, and in most cases, they are the ones who lose their mucus plug during labor, so they don’t really notice it. 

What is the Mucus Plug & How Do I Know if I Lost It?

But what is the mucus plug, and how do you know if you lost it?

The mucus plug is pretty much its name. It is a mucus collection in the cervical canal at the beginning of pregnancy. This mucus formation prevents infection and bacteria from entering the uterus and causing harm to the baby. Other names that you might hear the mucus plug called are bloody show or show. These names are used because if your cervix is dilating, there will often be some pink or red tinge to the mucus plug. This is an excellent sign. It means that your body is working to prepare itself for labor, which is pretty awesome to think about!

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What Does a Mucus Plug Look Like?

Individuals describe their mucus plug as a gigantic booger when it all comes out at once, while others state that it looks like thicker, stickier discharge than normal when they lose small pieces at a time. When it is tinged with blood, it is much easier to figure out what it is. Sometimes it is brown, red, or pink-tinged, and these colorations are all signs of it being “tinged with blood.” 

If you lose it all at once, it can be up to two inches in length and up to two tablespoons in amount. The mucus plug is usually odorless, which can be what helps you to figure out whether or not it is the mucus plug or a larger amount of discharge. Even though losing your mucus plug can feel exciting, it is good to remind yourself that the mucus plug can regenerate. Some individuals lose their mucus plug many times before ever going into labor. The only thing that losing a mucus plug really tells us is that the body is making preparations for childbirth, but just like many other things with pregnancy and birth, it is not a guaranteed indication that labor is near.


Whether you lose your mucus plug during pregnancy or not, remember that it is a regular occurrence, even though it might seem weird. Noticing the loss of your mucus plug and giving your body gratitude for doing some of the grunt work before labor begins is a great way to appreciate this moment without getting too hung up on it leading straight into labor. Our bodies are pretty incredible at growing and protecting the baby(s) in our wombs, and the mucus plug is an integral part of this protection.

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