How to Continue Breastfeeding at Work

baby looking at bottle of milk

There are a few ways to make breastfeeding at work as easy and stress-free as possible:

  • Can you find childcare near your workplace – if you're little one close by you can breastfeed during your breaks
  • Speak to your employer about a flexible working pattern – Is there an option for you to work flexibly. This could include working part-time, working from home, having shorter workdays or working fewer but longer days
  • Experiment – You could breastfeed at home,  and express milk while you're at work then your baby can drink your milk the next day
  • Do a trial run - See if the new feeding schedule works for both of you. If it doesn't you have time to change and adjust it
  • Chat to other mums, people who have had the same experience, their advice and knowledge will be invaluable.

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How do I express milk at work?

Your workplace is legally required to provide somewhere for you to express milk throughout the day.

It definitely shouldn't be a toilet – you wouldn't eat in a toilet so your little one shouldn't have to either..

You'll probably need to express every 3 hours when you are initially away from your baby. 

What are my legal rights?

Let your employer know in writing that you'll still be breastfeeding when you return. They're required to provide somewhere for you to rest during the day, including somewhere for you to lie down. For more on the legal side of breastfeeding while you're at work, you can refer to the US Department of Labor website, or the posters that are required to be posted in all workplaces in easily accessible locations. Also know that you are protected by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA), which covers you through pregnancy, childbirth, and related issues (like breastfeeding).

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