Baby Names Inspired by Nature

When deciding the perfect name to give your little one, many things might be racing through your mind. Is this a traditional name? How should I spell this name? What does this name mean? What will others think of this name? The bottom line is the name you give to your baby will last forever, and it is up to you and your partner to decide the perfect name for your baby! 

Nature names are given to things in the natural world and have become more prevalent in recent years than ever. Many nature-inspired names have even made the United States' top 1000 names! Below are some of our favorite nature names and their meanings. 

Girls Nature Names  


Amber is of English origin and means fossilized tree resin or the color orange/red. Amber comes from nature and is also a color! 


The name Anise comes from nature and means spice. Anise is of English origin and is the main ingredient in licorice. It is also known as a romantic name.


The name Chanel is of French origin and means canal. Chanel can also mean water pipe and was popularized by fashion designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. 


Fern is another name of English origin that refers to someone who lives among ferns. The name comes from vascular plants that reproduce through spores and do not have seeds or flowers called ferns. 


Hazel can describe a color mixture of gold, green, and brown, but this beautiful name also comes from nature and means “the hazel tree.” 


Iris is a gorgeous name of Greek origin and means “colorful” or “rainbow.” An Irish flower is a part of nature that blooms in several colors. 


Meadows are fields, grass, or vegetation; when used as a name, it is of American origin. 


Violet is another name for a flower, also associated with the blue/purple color of the flower. When used as a name, Violet is of English origin.

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Boys Nature Names


The name Birch originated in England and is inspired by the Birch Tree, a thin-leaved hardwood tree. 


The name Cliff is of English origin, and although it is often used as a nickname, it can be a great name on its own to remind you of the earth's beauty and balance.


The name Flint means Flint rock, a rock found in nature. The name Flint is of English origin.


Gordon is a name of Scottish origin from Gordon, Scotland. The name Gordon means “spacious” and “fort.” 


The name Kareem comes from Arabic origin. It means gracious or generous, as well as noble and honorable. 


Moss is a name of English origin. It means “born of a god.” In nature, moss is a plant that forms dense, green clumps in shady or damp areas. 


The name Ravi comes from Indian origin. In Sanskrit, Ravi means sun, which makes this a great baby name for someone who will light up the room. 


Wolf is a name that means exactly what it is, “wolf.” This name is of English origin.

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Gender Neutral Nature Names 


Bakes is a name for a baby, meaning “edge of the river.” The name Banks comes from English origin. 


Ember is a unique name meaning “spark” or “low burning wood.” This name comes from English origin and is also a small piece of burning coal or wood in a dying fire. 


The meaning of Glen is “from the wooded valley.” Glen is a name of Scottish origin and can also mean “a narrow valley.” 


Halsten means rock or stone. The name comes from Scandinavian origin and can be spelled Halston. 


Jade is a name of English origin that means “green gemstone.” Jade is a mighty name, as it was once believed that an actual green gemstone could cure colic in babies when placed on their stomachs. 


Morgan is a name that means “great circle.” This name is of Welsh origin and can mean “sea-born,” “sea-song,” or “sea circle.” 


The name Skye means “from the isle of Skye.” This name is of Scottish origin and resembles a light, breezy idea of nature. 


Willow is a name that means “from the willow grove.” The name Willow is of English origin, inspired by the willow tree, one of the most graceful trees!

All of these names from nature or inspired by nature have the potential to become a part of your family when you welcome your newborn into the world! Each of these names has a special meaning associated with it. Most nature names are outside the top 1000 names in the United States, so if you are aiming for something unique for your little one, a nature name could be the way to go! Whether a nature-loving family or not, we hope these names have helped inspire you!

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