The Most Creative Maternity Halloween Costumes of 2023

Happy Halloween, mama! Why wait until your baby's first Halloween to dress them up when you can double the fun with your bump! Get ready for the cutest mom and baby bump costume ideas that are bound to make everyone smile. Let's celebrate this spooky season with some extra love and belly laughs!

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Kanga and Roo

A kangaroo costume is the perfect mix of cozy and cute for you and your baby, perfect for a chilly October night. Turn your baby bump into a baby pouch with a mini kangaroo that will soon be a mini you. Plus, who can resist the charm of a mama kangaroo hopping around the party?

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An orange dress and a red shirt are all you need to recreate this Pooh costume at home. A sweet outfit for your soon-to-be honey. A mixer of trick and treat for your first Halloween with your little one.

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A Skeleton

What is easier than a one-piece costume? This adorable skeleton costume definitely pulls on our heartstrings. It is a great way to tell people you are expecting, especially when your bump is small and doesn't show much.

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Go for the Scary

This DIY costume is the perfect spooky costume! People won't know how to react and would probably be mortified. Your little one definitely chose the trick over the treat.

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Caution: Bump Ahead

Literally! This fun little costume will have the crowd laughing when they realize what it means. It is a mix of clever and funny that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

We hope you got some inspiration for your first Halloween with your bundle of joy. Get ready to unlock your creativity and step up your Halloween game. Happy Halloween from us to you, and don't forget to tag us in your posts!


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