Patiently, or Not so Patiently Waiting

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Only 5% of women give birth when they think they will.

With both of our moms having ALL their kids early, we naturally thought ours would be early or at least on time. Nope. Baby had a different plan.

About 86% of births happen between 37 and 41 weeks. Understanding that we are a minority in waiting this long makes it even more difficult!

At 41 weeks now, each passing day is harder and harder to wait for her arrival. The excitement continues to build, yet there isn’t a reward, YET.

Maybe you have experienced this or are currently. Let me validate your feelings and let you know that though it is rare to go over 40 or 41 weeks, you are not alone and it’s okay. Your baby is healthy, just a little stubborn.

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I am reminded of the old phrase, “Good things come to those who wait.” In the sense of waiting for a baby to arrive, I couldn’t think of a more fitting phrase than that one. Your baby is more than a “good thing”, though. (S)He will be perfect, adorable, so full of life, and bring you joy. Your waiting, whether patient or not, is going to have a reward. Keep that in mind. While it doesn’t help time to go faster, it does help your mental attitude. At least I know that was true for me.

While you wait, make sure to enjoy these final days/weeks of the baby being inside you. Life is such a miracle and it’s an honor to carry that baby as well as you have. In a few years from now as you look back on your season of waiting, I’m sure you will be flooded with cool memories thinking how great of a time that was. Find the joy in it even though some days it may be painful or not fun at all. Search for the positive things—you will be thankful you did.

Know that the baby is coming and it will all be worth it in the end. So, whether you are patient… or not so patient… you are not alone, good things come to those who wait, find the joy in this season of life, and know it will all be worth it to see your smiling baby look at you for the first time; It’s coming!

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