How My Second Born Made Me a Better Mom

mom playing with baby on floor

How my second born made me a better mom

When I got pregnant for the second time, I always wondered if I could love my second one as much as I love my first one. But the moment he was laid into my arms, I realized mommy’s love doesn’t divide amongst her kids and my heart instantly grew by many folds.

My little boy, you captured my heart just as much and made me a BETTER MOM.

Despite my second pregnancy being a rollercoaster ride with some unwelcomed complications, I found myself more relaxed about the baby growth. I didn’t care much if he’s a size of mango or pineapple (LOL)

More confident – Motherhood gets easier the second time. I don’t freak out and start asking Dr. Google for tiny things babies do nor I am going crazy with the changing colors of his poop. Being a second time mom, I am more confident in understanding baby signs and not making everything a big deal.

Baby Pictures: No wonder, babies are a perfect epitome of magic, a little bit of heaven sent to earth. When I look back in time, I used to go crazy capturing my first one, by the time she turned 6 months, all storage on my phone and cloud was pretty much full.

But it is different second time, I feel I am more confident and baby ready while capturing him. I don’t get into the craziness to capture his every moment rather I try to be more present in the beautiful journey with my little boy.

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I feel more contented capturing him in the increments of weeks and savoring those precious smiles, sleepy yawns and little milestones in more creative ways.

Right Baby Products: We as a parent want to give the best to our little one. My house was flooded with all baby products that my daughter was expected to use until her first birthday even before she entered this world, crazy right?

I am much more mindful of buying right baby products that are helpful this time. I invested a small fortune in buying a good swing to be an alternative ME and ensuring comfort at the same time.

Let’s get real here, baby usually doesn’t enjoy bouncer, swing and rocker all at the same time. It’s always a good idea to invest in the right baby products.

Embracing ME time: Parenting is fulfilling yet so exhausting. Being a first-time parent, you might find yourself doing everything with little or no time for yourself. As your little one continues to grow, more responsibilities would take over and you would eventually miss having some ME time for yourself.

As I welcomed my second one, I am now more open in asking help to share responsibilities, ensuring some ME time be it as simple as browsing on my phone, flipping through some old pictures or talking to my friend.

And yet, no matter how different and mature you feel being a second time mommy,

That overwhelming love of motherhood when you hear little one cry for the very first time is beautiful every single time.

That moment when you look at your partner as a parent is magical every single time

And finally, deep love ‘teeny tiny’ bring to the life is beyond words EVERY SINGLE TIME 😊

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