Gemma Campbell

Blogger and Mum of Two
Mum of two. @Mum_of _one_of_each. Mama to a 6-year-old Queen and a 6-month-old Prince. I’ve done single mum. Happy settled mum. I’ve done unemployed mum, full time working mum and everything in between seeking benefits mum. I’ve been that mama that people look up to and ask for advice. I’ve been the mama that’s hit rock bottom and asked for help. I want to be the school run mum, but also inspire my students kind of mum. I’m a happy mum, a fulfilled mum, a fun mum. I’m also a frustrated mum, a shouty mum, a ‘too much on my phone’ mum. I read bedtime stories, make cakes kinda mummy. I’m not a natural craft mummy but I’ll give it a go kinda mummy. I like books and the Arts, coffee and cakes but most of all, I love being a Mum!

Articles written by Gemma Campbell

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