When is it 'Too Early' to Buy Baby Clothes?

by Jasmine Gurney

Many women worry about getting their hopes up when pregnant and aren’t sure when it’s considered too early to start buying baby clothes, in case of complications or even before they know what sex they’re having.

It is generally advised by other mums to wait until you’ve had your first scan that confirms you are pregnant to start buying clothes, toys and all the bits you need for your baby. Mothers that wish to find out the sex of the baby before they give birth and prefer to dress their child in the more traditional blue/pink clothing, often wait until this is confirmed at their 20-week scan. Parents that would prefer not to buy boy/girl specific clothing and toys are therefore free to buy more neutral colours and styles of clothes and toys after their initial scan in the early stages. You can alternatively wait until after your baby shower, which is when you’ll receive most of your beginning items like diapers and onesies.


As complications can arise at any point during pregnancy, some parents even prefer to wait until the month of their due date to start buying the larger, more expensive items. The 9 months of pregnancy can give you time to save up, and give you time to decide what products you want and discover what your family and friends may be buying for you. You may want to either hold off on buying baby clothes until you know the baby’s size, however you can always buy multiple sizes and return any that won’t fit. The same goes for the diapers and clothes you take along with you for after the birth as there’s no telling how small or big your baby will be until it arrives.

You can also wait for huge sales such as the Black Friday, Christmas, January and Summer sales to grab a bargain on all the things you may need. Keep your options open, but don’t go too crazy as your baby will grow rather quickly for the first few months of their life and will, therefore, grow out of things quickly. As long as you save your receipts, you can return virtually anything that ends up being too small, and you can likely just exchange it for the correct size instead. Most importantly, have some fun! You’re doing a lot of work by carrying and caring for the new life inside of you, so don’t stress the small stuff like buying baby clothes when you could be enjoying yourself!

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