Frequently asked questions

Anyone expecting a baby or has an existing child under the age of 5 can sign up - that means mum, dad, adoptive parents, foster parents, as well as grandparents and aunts/uncles on the parents' behalf. We are currently working on giving you the ability to add more than one child to our system, so in the meantime, if you have multiple children under 5 or are expecting twins/triplets/quadruplets, we can only suggest, for now, that you create multiple accounts to obtain enough freebies and offers for each child until we have been able to develop this update.

We do, however, due to various legal and contractual reasons, restrict membership only to those over the age of 18.
We're sorry to hear you've not yet received any of the free items you have claimed through Your Baby Club US. If your items were claimed between now and March, there could be a delay due to the COVID-19 crisis as many of our partners are experiencing delays with production and distribution while many of their factories are currently closed. As the US and the rest of the world begin to get back to a new sense of 'normal' and reopen businesses, we should see a pick up in freebie deliveries. For now, we can only apologize and hope that you can hang in there while our partners do the best they can under the current circumstances.

If you need to query a specific freebie, please find their contact details in an FAQ above, where you can contact them directly regarding the delay of your delivery.

As an advertiser, we have no control over or access to our partner's sites, order system, delivery, or fulfillment processes and can therefore not help any further than giving you their direct contact details.

Stay safe!
Please contact us with a link to your product/s and business and we will take a look and get back to you if we think you are a good fit for Your Baby Club.

Firstly, thanks so much for showing interest in working with us! We're thrilled you want to spread the word about Your Baby Club. As an advertising partner, rather than a retailer, we don't have any products or services that aren't already free to everyone, so we are unable to work on a gifting basis. 

However, we do currently work with lots of mums, dads, bloggers and experts on producing content for our blog and we're always looking for more stories and experiences to share with the rest of our members. If this is of interest, fill out this form and leave your details and we will get back to you if we think you'd be a good fit.

Claiming an offer, whether it's a freebie, discount or entering a competition, is easy. Simply head to the Offers page and click the big orange button under the offer you like the look of. 

Follow the instructions carefully on how to claim, confirm your details are correct and complete the form to claim that offer. If you are directed to one of our partner sites, you will need to follow their instructions fully.

If you have any issues with our website, do please contact If you have any issues with a partner site or have not received your freebies yet, have a look in our FAQs for your issue and its resolution before contacting us. 

You can keep track of offers you have claimed by heading to the My Offers page under your Account.

If you signed up for Your Baby Club for your first child, there’s no need to try and sign up again. Simply head to the login page and input your login details. If you cannot remember your password, you can reset it by selecting ‘Forgot Password’’.

Once logged in, head to Account in the Main Menu and change your baby details to that of your new baby/pregnancy. You can then start claiming the new offers for your new bundle of joy! We are currently working on the ability to allow our members to add multiple children to our system, so stay tuned!

Nope! An affiliate link is just where we work with the brand whose website we’re directing you to and add some tracking to the URL so that we can make a tiny commission from referring customers to their website to make a purchase. It does not cost you anything as the commission comes from the brand directly.

Our system can be a bit fussy at times and will require you to input the date in the standard US format. If you are able to, please use the date selector that pops up as this should then enter the correct format for you.

Please note, due to various legal and contractual reasons, we have had to restrict membership to those over the age of 18.

If this is the case, please do not worry as it simply may be due to a delay in our email system. However, if the email is yet to arrive a week after your sign up, and you’ve checked your junk mail, feel free to contact us at and provide us with your email, this will allow us to trigger the email manually to ensure you receive your confirmation.

We categorically do not sell your data to anyone. The data you input when claiming an offer only goes to those companies when you give your permission through one of the tick boxes. 

We understand the frustration when companies sell your data and we promise to never do this. We are wholly GDPR compliant and we vet our partners and their use of data before they're allowed on-site to protect this promise

Have you signed up with anyone like Emma's Diary or Bounty? If so it's likely that the issue lies elsewhere.

If you haven't signed up anywhere else we'll be happy to investigate our partners again with the utmost urgency.

Sometimes when entering an email address there is a blank space at the end which seems to confuse our systems. If you could double-check that there is no extra space after your email address and try again, it should work, otherwise, if this still doesn't work please get in touch again and we’ll get our technical team to help you out.

Welcome to Your Baby Club! Once you have signed up to our site, on the Offers page, you can look at each of our promotions and enter or apply for them each individually. This is to allow customers to only receive the freebies and enter competitions that they want. Signing up as a member gives you exclusive access to these offers, you are not automatically sent everything from our partners upon sign up.

If you have claimed specific offers and haven’t yet received the item(s), first, you can find the contact details below for various partners whom you can contact directly for any order updates, technical issues on their site or any other direct questions. If you cannot find the details for the offer you are looking for, email us at and let us know which offer it was that you’re waiting on, so that we can assist further.