Rachel Hazelwood

My name is Rachel and I’m first time mum to 15 week old baby Oscar. I’m 27 with a BSc in Molecular Biology and work in the Blood Transfusions laboratory in the local hospitals. My dream job would be to become a clinical scientist specialising in genetics. My favourite colour is pink. I love tea, makeup and clothes. When I get a spare hour out of playing, feeding and nappy changes I enjoy reading sexy novels, shopping and pampering myself. I have a history of depression and have recently been struggling with postnatal depression. I want to voice my struggles with the condition and reassure that all women that they’re not alone. I believe that because we are mothers it doesn’t mean that we have to be prudes or forget about ourselves, I come with a promise that I will bare all and reveal all of the gory details.

Content written by Rachel Hazelwood