Carla Berlin

Paediatric Sleep Consultant
Certified sleep consultant Carla set up Snooze Tots to not only help babies learn to sleep but get parents their much-needed Zzzz’s! As a mother to her nearly 2-year-old son Kobe, she understands the pressures of parenthood and how that time to relax in the evening and a good night’s sleep makes such a difference to the whole family dynamic. She works with children of all ages experiencing sleep issues and when it comes to teaching little one’s healthy sleep habits, she does not believe in just shutting the door until the morning and letting a baby cry it out. It is about finding an approach that suits the baby’s age, temperament as well as what suits the parent. Her biggest guilty pleasures include a bag of skittles (a share bag is not for sharing!) and reality TV!

Content written by Carla Berlin