50 Activities to Keep Kids Entertained at Home

two toddlers playing together

Covid-19 has a lot to answer for, doesn’t it? Worldwide we are in this together and for the most part, stuck at home with our stashes of wine and toilet paper. However, now more than ever, us parents need all the support we can get on educating and keeping the children occupied 24/7.

Boredom in children makes them seek more snacks. Am I right? My kids won’t stop asking for snacks every 30 minutes throughout the day. So here is a little list that might help you get through the next few weeks of lockdown or spark a new idea for you and your family to stay active, stay entertained and most importantly stay sane (sorry I mean safe LOL).


1. Den or Cave Building

2. Finger Painting or Use your Feet

3. Make a picture with Rice & Glue

4. Water Fight in the Garden

5. Obstacle Course (inside or outside using toys)

6. Treasure Hunt

7. Bake Goodies

8. Play Marbles or Make a Marble Run

9. Family Board Games

10. Extra Large Jigsaw Puzzle on a Cardboard as Family

11. Science or Chemistry Experiment (skittles and sprite is a colorful one)

12. Put up a Tent in Garden and Camp Out

13. Have a Dance Party or Disco

14. Do Family Quizzes or Brain Teasers

15. Story Time / Reading Out Loud Together

16. Play Would you Rather? (eat a shoe or eat sprouts every day for breakfast)

17. Have an Open Mic Night or Karaoke Sing-Off

18. Make Homemade Pizzas

19. Use Blank T-shirts & Markers or Paint to Create Your Own Fashion Styles

20. Do Word Games Together

21. Sensory Bins or Sensory in the Bath (use rice or foam and miniature toys)

22. Movie Night or Box Set Tv Shows Together

23. Interactive Learning Apps rather than YouTube and Video Games

24. Nothing wrong so we will add Video Games here too.

25. Learn a new skill off YouTube (language, DIY, instrument etc)

26. Bike Ride

27. Listen to age-appropriate Podcasts

28. Read a book

29. Build a Laser Maze in the Hallway (test your skills out use streamers)

30. Learn how to Knit or Sew or Crochet (using a needle, arm or fingers)

31. Play Bingo

32. Make edible Chocolate Play-doh

33. Make Pasta Jewelry

34. Sidewalk Chalk Creations on your Fence or Driveway

35. Make Paper Crowns and Act out a Royal Play for your Family

36. Write your Distant Relatives Letters in the Mail or a Pen Pal

37. Play Family Skipping Rope (monkey in the middle)

38. Play Outdoor Games like an egg on spoon, potato sack race, relay race

39. Build a house with a Deck of Cards

40. Have a Lego Building Contest

41. Play Dress Up or Makeover

42. Create a Dreamcatcher for everyone bedroom

43. Make homemade Ice Cream

44. Tint Shaving Foam and Graffiti a Window or Shower Door then Rinse off

45. Paint a Self Portrait then paint your family portraits

46. Learn how to make homemade bread.

47. Make Rainbows and Hang them in your front Windows.

48. Indoor Bowling with Stackable Paper Cups & Tennis Ball

49. Have a water balloon fight outside (not inside)

50. Card Games via Houseparty so you can play with extended family and friends too!

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This isn’t all you can do, there are endless craft sites, baking sites (my blog included) to get fab ideas for endless baking and making.

You are not alone if you feel like you can’t wait for the kids to return to school. You are not a bad parent if you can’t wait to sip coffee with a clean house just for five minutes. Please don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t making extravagant solar systems and fully home educating your children. This will be stressful, challenging and different for them as much as it is for you. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be their 24/7 tour guide.

Have lazy days. Have PJs days. Have days where you don’t really do anything much and have days bursting with fun and energy.

Best of all, always keep an open dialog with your partner and your kids about how they might be feeling or how they are coping during the lockdown. Maybe they need more stimulation or perhaps its all been a bit too much.

You might find you can relax a bit more than you think and it’s ok that every day is treated like Friday at 5 pm with that glass of wine (or two). No one will judge you or can because we are all in lockdown.

Stay safe!

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